Revitalize Your Skin

The fall is the perfect time to repair the damage after a summer of exposure to sun and other environmental

factors that affect our skin in a negative way. Laser genesis provides bulk heating deep into the skins surface

reaching the upper dermis. This non-invasive laser treatment stimulates the growth of collagen reducing fine lines

and wrinkles, decreases excessive redness, shrinks pores and gives your skin that fresh vibrant look that exposure to

our environment steals from us. Laser genesis has been the number one treatment used by celebrities for the past 6

years as if gives that fresh photo ready look that we all seek to have. It has become more accessible for the average

individual by becoming less expensive and more readily available. It now costs only a few dollars more than your

average facial at a spa and yet offers long term results with no downtime. If your looking for something to breathe

life back into your look this may be the treatment for you!